June 2017 The Snort Report

The Snort Report

Issue: #51

June 2017

"Summertime is always the best of what might be."

- Charles Bowden

Congratulations to our Production Employees of the Month!

Wonderful Outstanding Worker

May 2017 Production Employee of the Month

Alex Eng


After 16 years,

Fidel Maldonado

has retired. 

Road Construction

Cake was served in the cafeteria in his honor. 

Best Wishes, Fidel!

June 2017 Production Employees of the Month

Rolando Reyes

Mike Strouf

Do you know someone that is deserving of this honor? You can nominate them by coming up to HR and filling out a form on who you want to nominate and why.

After 12 years,

Al Hauser

Offically retired on   March 8th, 2017


A celebration was held at the Eagles Club on March 11th in his honor.

Road Construction

Thank you, Al. You will be missed.

Quality Pork Processors, Inc

Mel Gilbertson

Hello Everyone,

As I have talked about in the last couple of articles the projects that are being worked on are moving forward with good progress. The walls out in the livestock office and welfare areas will be going up this week June 26. Also the roof removal will be taking place over the hog driving area above the swing gates and drive chutes the first weekend in July weather permitting. That will be sections 1-4. Then the rest of the sections 5-7 will be pulled off the following two weekends. A temporary cover will be put in place over the walkways, drive chutes and circle gates to keep the weather out but the two sections 3 and 6 will be left off for the duration of the project which will wrap up in November. There has been some ongoing discussion about the roof being off for that duration of time. But we will work through that as it comes along. Also I want to say thank you to the employees working in that area for your patience as this project moves along. There are two things that are important out there and that is your safety and the humane handling of the hogs as we continue through this.

 Remember to Work Safely!


Jenni Duholm

Feeling Well & Living for Longevity

Did you know you actually can DO things that enhance your quality of life, unleash your youthful spirit and slow some effects of aging?

1.  Get Physical!  Regular walkers, movers, cyclists and joggers have more life satisfaction and lower levels of stress.

2.  Eat like an Islander.  Okinawans have a life expectancy among the highest in the world; their diet is made up of about 80% fruits and vegetables, 20% fish or protein sources.

3.  Get a good night’s sleep.  Get enough sleep in a regular sleep pattern and you’re likely to live longer. 

4.  Use sunscreen.  It’s suggested to use a broad spectrum sunscreen with provides protection against UVA and UVB rays to prevent skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.

5.  Stop smoking.  Studies show smoking contributes to many health problems often associated with aging, including heart attacks, strokes, numerous cancers, cataracts, and even sagging skin.

 Health Wellness 

The Quality Health & Wellness Clinic will be again offering the Health Assessment to ALL QPP employees as well as QPP employees’ spouses and dependents 18  years and older that are enrolled in the QPP Benefits Plan.  The Health assessment is part of a larger effort to help employees become healthier.  That healthier workforce lessens the amount of health care costs that otherwise would be shifted to employees through higher premiums, deductibles and co-insurance.  It is also a way to get people to understand their health and, ultimately, to take action.  It is not mandatory but highly encouraged!  The Health assessment consists of; 1) Filling out a health questionnaire on paper or iPad 2) Blood draw for Cholesterol and fasting blood sugar and Height and weight 3) Following up with our provider on your lab results.

We at the clinic want to know what motivates you to be healthy and how we can support you!  Watch for more to come on start dates and incentives!

Didacus Guzman

Hold on to your hats it is going to be a warm and humid summer! Please make sure you stay hydrated and well rested to stay on top of the heat. We have Squencher (Gatorade) available in the hallway with ice to help lower your body temperature and also Chill-Its in the upstairs storeroom. Chill-Its are a scarf that can be put under cold water for 1 minute to help keep you cool for a couple hours then, simply place under cold water again to recharge. It will be signed out to you if you work on the HOT side, free of charge, but you must return it for replacement when the time comes. As always, if you lose it, you need to notify supervision immediately! Remember to keep the kids hydrated and don’t let them get sunburn. It’s really easy for them to lose sight of their health when they are having fun. Please do NOT leave kids, the elderly or pets in the car. Too many stories have ended in tragedy.

Stay safe my friends!

The Safety Guy