July 2017 The Snort Report

The Snort Report

Issue: #52

July 2017

RED is for Victory
WHITE is for Purity
BLUE is for Loyalty!

Congratulations to our Production and Management Employees of the Month!

Wonderful Outstanding Worker

July 2017 Production Employees of the Month

Mauricio Lorenzo

Do you know someone that is deserving of this honor? You can nominate them by coming up to HR and filling out a form on who you want to nominate and why.





Road Construction




Quality Pork Processors, Inc

Mel Gilbertson

Hello Everyone,

Well were at that time of the year when we start talking about Saturday work schedules and from what I know at this time we are for sure running full operations on August 12th and August 19th and from here on thru November we are scheduled for Two Saturdays a month but that could change more or less. With the construction out in the livestock area going strong that could also impact Saturday work also. So that gives you some idea going into the fall of what might come at us for Sat. work.

We are continuing our push to hire employees. We have the Cecum project down in the casing department that will be starting up next week, that will add a total of 16 employees 8 on each shift. All the conveyors washing and scaling equipment is in place and the training will start next week. This is a project like a lot of others that have evolved over the years from taking a product that is going to the tank (inedible) and doing some additional work to it and making money off it.

If you know someone that is looking for a job and they’re not afraid of working hard send them in our direction. With a new four year contract in place and with the pay at the top or near the top of industry and an onsite free clinic we should be able to attract people that are looking for a good stable job.

I have said it before and will say it again we have a pretty good groupe of people that work here and I thank you for all the hard work you do out there.

Work safe and be observant of safety issues to make this place a safer place.  


Karissa Fawver


 Did you know that 92% of adults ages 20-64 have cavities/fillings in their permanent teeth and 5% have NO teeth at all.

Did you also know that if you have QPP insurance you get a FREE cleaning and checkup every 6 months!!

 Why should you brush your teeth twice a day?

·       It prevents tooth decay

·       Improves your overall health

·       Saves you money

·       Shortens your time with the dentist

·       Prevents gum disease

·       Helps prevent bad breath

·       Keeps teeth white

·       Makes it possible for your teeth to last a lifetime

 Avoid dental problems!

·       Brush twice daily, floss daily

·       Avoid foods with a lot of sugar

·       Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride

·       Avoid tobacco products

·       Clean your tongue

·       Practice good food nutrition

 If you have QPP insurance and you need more than just a cleaning, such as fillings or repairs, you pay $100 deductible and the insurance company covers 80% up to $1,600 per person per year.

If you have any questions regarding dental insurance, you can ask the Medical Department or contact Delta Dental of MN at 800-448-3815 or visit www.deltadentalmn.org 

Didacus Guzman

JULY 2017 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Time to find out who is paying attention.

How about a chance to win some MONEY or FOOD!

Answer the following questions correctly and submit the answers on any piece of paper to medical or safety to participate in a raffle. Be sure to neatly print your name and ID number! I will give away lottery tickets and gift cards to some lucky winners!

1) What is the AWAIR program?

2) Where can you find any SDS information?

3) How do you get to spin “THE WHEEL of FORTUNE”?

4) What does the JSA tell you about your job?

 Good Luck and Stay Safe!

The Safety Guy                                   


The QPP Fishing Tournament was held on Saturday, June  17th at Cedar Lake, Faribault, MN. Mike Dobson won with the most combined weight with 7 fish.

The QPP Golf Tournament was held on Sat., June 24th at Cedar River Golf Course in Adams, MN.  Winners were: 1st Place- Lane Geyer & Trevor Emanuel and 2nd Place- Brad Emanuel & Derek Emanuel

 Annual SQF Audit

 QPP will have the SQF (Safe Quality Foods) audit August 15th -17th.  An audit must be completed and passed every year to allow QPP to be SQF certified. 

 During the audit last year audit the following were found deficient:

    ·  Condensation on production floors

    ·  Boxes and bags for product stored on the floor

    ·  Tape and plastic left on overheads from past plastic repairs

   While QPP goes through the audit process, the auditor may ask you questions about your job duties, and :

·    What is  GMP?  Good manufacturing practices, examples are fingernail polish, washing hands, wearing hairnets and beardnets.

·    What is SQF? Safe Quality Foods.

·    What is HACCP?  Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

 If you are not sure of the answers, ask a QS team member or your Supervisor.  QS staff members will be randomly asking employees questions just as the auditor may do during the audit, this should assist you in feeling more comfortable when the auditor is here.

 Things to remember:

A.     No eating in the locker rooms.

B.      No food or lunch containers can be stored in the lockers, this includes bottled beverages.

C.      Remove outer frock when entering the restroom.

D.     DO NOT handle boxes or totes with green gloves on.

E.      Wash hands when entering the production floors.

 If you have any questions or concerns contact your Supervisor or myself.

 Thank you,

Angie Stout, QS Manager