September 2017 The Snort Report

September 2017 The Snort Report

The Snort Report

Issue: #54

September 2017

"By all of these lovely tokens,
September days 
are here, 
with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer."
-H.H. Jackson

Congratulations to our Production and Management Employees of the Month!

Wonderful Outstanding Worker

September 2017 Production Employee of the Month

Misganaw Zeleke

September 2017 Management Employees of the Month

Karissa Fawver

Don Wells

Do you know someone that is deserving of this honor? You can nominate them by coming up to HR and filling out a form on who you want to nominate and why.

Quality Pork Processors, Inc

Mel Gilbertson

Hello Everyone,

As we move along this fall we are looking at working a good number of Saturdays coming up for October, 3 out of the 4 Saturdays are marked in as of now. With a couple other hog processing plants starting up there operations there is still a good numbers of hogs in the country so we will see how that goes as we get into the late fall and early winter months.

The CO2 operation installation is continuing to progress. The Thanksgiving weekend will be busiest of all and as we get closer to that date we will bring everyone up to speed on what the schedule will look like. Those plans are still being thought through. So we will keep you posted on that as we get closer. As long as were talking about that area out there I would like to thank all of you that work in that area for your dedication with the  good hog handling practices and good audit results for having to deal with the construction process that has been going on.

Remember to keep safety at the top of the list for the day!


Thank you, Cory Shuster!

Cory was given a $500 reward for reporting a contractor in livestock taking photos.


QPP policy states that cell phone photo and/or video usage is prohibited. Anyone who reports suspicious behavior and it is confirmed through investigation is rewarded with $500.

Karissa Fawver

What is the TENS unit everyone is talking about?

QPP Medical has a TENS unit that employees can use to help with pain. The unit is easy to use and available for everyone.

TENS stands for: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It sends gentle pulses of battery-generated electrical current to key points on a nerve pathway through electrodes taped to your skin. When the current is delivered it targets the nerves in that area and sends a signal to the brain that blocks or mixes up the normal pain signals. It may even help the body produce a natural painkiller called endorphins.

It is used for all kinds of pain such as muscle, joint or bone pain. People use it for low back pain, neck pain, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, cancer pain, and even labor and menstrual pain.

We have a few units available upon request and we store individual pads for each employee. If you are interested the medical staff can explain and demonstrate how to use it, just stop in and ask! 

Didacus Guzman

Hello everyone,

Recently we have reviewed our knife usage and exchange of knives. Are you having problems with your blade? Can’t keep it sharp? Is it sticking? Let your supervisor know! Most of the time it has to do with the angle you are using to sharpen it. Your blade should last all shift since you are not hitting bones for most applications. The blade is sharp to start the day so there is hardly any reason to be doing anything to the blade at the start of your shift. If there is a problem, let your supervisor know so they can inspect the knife and report back with feedback.

*It’s the little things that affect how we respond and deal with the trials and tribulations of the day.*

One more thing.....the amount of time we spend with fellow employees on a day to day basis is significant.  We need to try and take care of each other and look out for anything that might cause an injury to us and fellow workers. We are only as good as “WE” want to be.

Stay safe my friends!

The Safety Guy