Employees Eligible for Discretionary Payment

Employees Eligible for Discretionary Payment

NOTICE: March 31, 2020

Quality Pork Processors, Inc. is grateful that we are in an Essential business of Food production which allows us to help other people. Our employees have done great work in providing this essential function and we are committed to take precautionary safety measures to provide a safe workplace for our people. In addition, due to COVID 19, on a non-precedent setting basis, Quality Pork Processors, Inc. will pay $50.00 per week for 6 weeks to employees who are eligible, starting on check date of April 9, 2020 and ending on check date May 14, 2020.


Employees who are eligible for discretionary payment:

  • Active employees paid on payroll at time of payment
  • Active employees who are off work due to COVID 19
  • Active employees with approved paid leave or Voluntary Leave (VL, 4 days or less)


Employees who are NOT eligible for discretionary payment:

  • Employees on Medical or Personal Leave of Absence (LOA, 5 days or more) for reasons other than COVID 19
  • Employees, for the payment week prior to check date, who do not work, do not call in or do not notify the Company.


-Dale Wicks, HR Director