QPP Employment Story

Hi, my name is Andy Stier. I started working at QPP in the maintenance department on 12/27/2000. I worked in the kill shop for about 18 months and then moved over to the cut shop to learn about the equipment on that side. About 5 months later a supervisory position in the maintenance department opened up and I applied for it and went through the interview process. I was offered a job as a 3rd shift mechanical supervisor. I stayed on 3rd shift for about 2 1/2 years and then went to 2nd shift in the same department. In June of 2008 I moved into a 1st shift position and am enjoying it. No matter which shift I worked, I was always treated well by management and other employees as well. I consider myself fortunate to be employed here and am grateful for the opportunities I was able to take advantage of. Come on and join the team!

Hi my name is Yamileth Cantu. I started in Quality Pork Processor in June of 1998. I started in the processing floor were I worked in the rib conversion line area. On 2002 I was promoted to Quality Control Technician were I checked all the specifications of our product before it goes out to our customers. After working 3 years in this department I got promoted to Lead Technician were I've been working until present day. QPP gave me the chance to become a leader and to learn the importance of teamwork. I'm glad to say that I like my job and the people I work with. I feel comfortable going home everyday knowing that we provide the best quality product for our customers.

Hi, my name is Randy Feuring. I came to Quality Pork Processors in November of 1989 with prior experience in the meat packing industry. I was hired as a foreman on the Lower Cut Floor which at the time we only ran a one shift operation. In the spring of 1990 we started up a second shift and I went to nights for 3 months to help with that start up. For the next 3 years I was placed back on the day shift as a foreman on the upper cut floor where I learned all aspects of the Cut Floor. In the fall of 1993 I was offered a promotion to go to the night shift as the General Cut Supervisor. By this time business was growing by leaps and bounds and we made some big changes in the packaging methods of all of our primal cuts of meat. We brought in three Cryovac machines and began vacuum packing the majority of our fresh meat products. By the fall of 1995 these orders became so numerous that it was very difficult to supervise the cut floor and keep up with these frequently changing orders. At that time I was asked to break away from supervision of cut floor to allow me the time to coordinate orders and take the role of a "Production Manager" which is the position I hold today. Over the past 19 years with Quality Pork I have worn many different hats and each one has been a new challenge and gratification. Each day presents new challenges and at the end of the day the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts came together with the help of your co-workers to meet our customer's requests.