August 2017 The Snort Report

The Snort Report

Issue: #53

August 2017

You can learn something new everyday, if you listen.

Congratulations to our Production Employees of the Month!

Wonderful Outstanding Worker

August 2017 Production Employees of the Month

Maung Ngae

Jose Frias-Perez

Do you know someone that is deserving of this honor? You can nominate them by coming up to HR and filling out a form on who you want to nominate and why.

Quality Pork Processors, Inc

Nate Jansen

More Benefits Coming

First off I’d like to personally thank everyone for working safe at QPP.  I ask that everyone stay diligent and focused on their safety and the safety of those around them.  If you think that there is anything that QPP can do to provide a safer environment, please let your supervisor or Didacus know. 

 I’m very proud to talk about an exciting new benefit that will be available October 1st to employees that participate in our Health Insurance.  We have partnered with a company called 1800MD to offer FREE doctor appointments that are available by phone or by video conference.  This will be at no cost to the employee or your dependents and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year.  Be on the lookout for the promotional materials that we will be handing out in the next couple of weeks!  Everyone knows that visits to the Emergency Room are very expensive to both QPP and to you.  This 1800MD is a perfect solution to use when the clinic isn’t open!  In fact if you get referred to the Emergency Room by 1800MD you will not be charged the expensive copay from the insurance company.  So now everyone has access to the Quality Health and Wellness Clinic from 8:00-5:00pm every day and 8:00am-12:00pm on Saturdays and access to 1800MD when the clinic is closed, this will allow everyone to get the care they need without having to worry about expensive Emergency Room visits and bills from your doctor.

With the onsite clinic and this new telemedicine solution, QPP continues to have the best Health Care benefits around!  Don’t forget about the referral program to put some extra money in your pocket, you can tell your friends and neighbors how good the benefits are at QPP!


Jenni Duholm



Would you believe there is a recipe for making happiness?  People define happiness in different ways, and many of us grew up thinking that happiness is something that happens to us conditionally.  For example, you may think you will be happy when you get that raise, or buy that cool new car, or when you get married or have a baby.   But science tells us differently. 

You can actually DO things that increase the chances that you will live happily.  Check out these 5 scientifically proven strategies for becoming a happier person!


Exercise does good things to the brain, including releasing endorphins, which makes you feel happier.


In order for your body to repair and recover from the day’s wear and tear, you need a good night’s sleep.

 Get Outdoors

Spend at least 20 minutes outside each day to boost your mood and improve your memory.

 Improve Your Commute

The length and difficulty of a commute to work can have negative impact on your happiness.

 Stay Connected

Time spent with friends and family makes a big difference in how happy you feel.

 **It’s not too late to come to the clinic to schedule your health risk assessment.  If you complete all necessary steps you will be entered in the drawing for the Trek bike!**

 To schedule an appointment with the Quality Health and Wellness Clinic, call (507)434-6299 or, simply stop in.

Didacus Guzman

Do you know if you have been safe? Have you done something that could have hurt you or someone else? Do you have loved ones who depend on you working? Do you have dreams that can only come true from working like most of us?

It all comes down to your safety and well being. If you receive a NEAR MISS from a supervisor or committee person it simply means you were probably doing something unsafe. It is a notification advising you to change the way you were doing something. It is for your own good! Simply accept the observation, learn from it and do not get mad about it. If you get mad you are probably embarrassed from it because why else would you not want someone helping you and keeping you safe?

JSA’s. (Job Safety Analysis) This form explains any possible hazards in your job or a job you are on. If you are moved, it is your right to have a JSA given to you with the hazards associated with that job. The form also lists the safety equipment you need to have. It is important for you to be informed.

I hope you take this information to heart as we QPP management want to keep our work force safe!

Be safe my friends.

The Safety Guy