Our Mission Values

Putting High-Quality Meat on the Market

Our pork processing facility in Austin, MN produces top-notch meat

Safety of our employees is first priority. Quality Pork Processors is a trusted pork processing facility and leading producer of processed pork in the U.S. Our employees take care of the meat production process from start to finish, and we produce, process and package our meat in-house. Safety is our employees first priority so you can feel confident purchasing any of our meat products. We follow USDA protocol and food safety standards to put out a safe, delicious product.

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Begin a Career in Pork Processing

Where Safety is Our First Priority!

Where work is worth it

Regular full time hours at Quality Pork Processors with good pay and benefits our employees drive in your environment. Whether you're needed for pork processing or pork packaging services, you will always feel like a valued member of our team. We strive to create a positive workspace and a strong workforce by prioritizing:

Health and safety: We follow safety standards and have an on-site health clinic at our pork processing plant.
Flexible scheduling: We have first-, second- and find all shifts of maintenance.
Full benefits: You could be eligible for health insurance, life insurance and paid vacation.

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