A Message for All QPP Employees

A Message for All QPP Employees

All QPP Employees

We continue to try to keep you updated regarding COVID-19. We will do our best to find answers for you. We are also always looking for new ways to connect, if you would like Text message updates, send a Text to number 71441 and put in message line QPP.  You should get a welcome message from QPP.  Any questions, let Human Resource office know.

As expected, the number of cases in the United States and Minnesota continues to grow. As these cases grow in our community, it is likely that some of our employees will come in contact with the COVID 19 Virus. If they do, we will be there for them. We want to keep in touch with you and ensure you have our full support.

There has been a great deal of recent coverage in the news about other companies’ plant closures and issues with employees being told to come to work even when they are sick. This is NOT true at Quality Pork Processors. When in doubt, stay home and call the number on your ID card.  We are paying people the same as Short Term Disability, waived the waiting period.  In addition, we are paying the weekly Discretionary Pay each week up to May 1, 2020, even if you are off work from diagnosed as COVID-19 positive, be required to quarantine due to exposure to someone who has COVID-19, or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.   Therefore, if you have questions, call QPP, phone number on your ID card.  Do not come to the plant.  We have been proactive in communicating often to our people, ensuring that they know that it is okay to stay home.  We encourage you to stay at home when feeling sick, also have other people in your house not have close contact while sick, and your wash hands often.

Remember, the symptoms of COVID-19 may start with a fever or just a general feeling of sick and can quickly progress. Sometimes the fever may come and go instead of always being high. Sometimes the only symptom may be a loss of taste and smell. Difficulty breathing and a cough are also very common symptoms. We know that our employees take their jobs seriously and want to be there to do their part during this crisis; however it is of critical importance that we also do our part by staying home and listening to the guidance of health care professionals and the CDC. We also know that the testing has increased with the availability of more tests. When in doubt, stay home, contact our local health care provider and call the number on your ID card, in any language, to let the medical department to know your symptoms and a phone number to contact you back.  We are trying to follow up with everyone who contacts QPP.  

This week has been active in terms of positive cases around the country. In all cases, out of an abundance of caution, anyone who maybe have had close contact with these individuals, they should self-quarantine for 14 days. We will stay in close contact with them while they are away from work. This quarantine does not mean that these people also have COVID-19, it is simply a precaution and follows our protocol and the advice of health care professionals. 

We have changed our Medical Insurance plan in regards to COVID 19 coverage.  More details will come soon.

We have had a few questions about what happens when we get a report of a confirmed positive case. In each instance, we follow a rigorous protocol as soon as we receive a positive confirmation. This includes understanding when and where the individual worked, potential close contacts who need to be notified and quarantined and even understanding more distant contacts who may work at our facilities including family members or close friends. We work closely with the county or state health department and follow sanitizing and deep cleaning protocols, over and above our already enhanced efforts. Our employees have been exceptional working and cooperating with the changes which helps us do our job better.  Thank you very much. 

We are using the weekends to continue to do deep cleaning and continue to clean regularity during Operations . We are continuing to change using creative processes and procedures to the plant such as social distancing where we are able.

Our Management people are meeting twice each day to think of new ways and opportunities to protect our employees. We are doing our very best in a difficult situation and will continue to make changes as we are able.  QPP appreciates the cooperation and ideas that have come from our people.   Thank you, you are making a difference in providing a supply of food to be available for many people. 


Dale Wicks

Human Resource Director